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  • What is the Florida Biodiversity Foundation?

Based in Gainesville, Florida, we are an organization that strives to promote the conservation of Florida's biodiversity by providing support for both education and research of threatened animals, plants, and habitats.

  • What does the Florida Biodiversity Foundation do?

By providing financial for education and research programs that involve the preservation of Florida's biodiversity, we are part of the planning and implementation of conservation programs throughout the state.

  • How can I help the mission of or donate to the Florida Biodiversity Foundation?

The easiest way is to purchase our new Florida Specialty License Plate. The proceeds of the sales of this license plate go directly into promoting conservation and saving wild Florida! If you are interested in helping us beyond the license plate, please call 352-377-6300.

  • How can the Florida Biodiversity Foundation help me?

The preservation of Florida's natural areas helps us all in many ways. Not only do healthy ecosystems help support Florida's economy through tourism but it also keeps our waterways cleaner and our agriculture more productive, all while improving our quality of life.

  • How can I further contact the Florida Biodiversity Foundation to receive their e-newsletter or ask a question?

You can send an email to or visit our Contact Us page on our website with any questions you have about our organization.


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